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Starting Your Journey to Self-Awareness: 5 Steps to Get You Started

Updated: Mar 23

Have you ever felt like... lost? not being able to observe yourself from the outside but instead, getting caught into a spiral of thoughts? or feeling stuck in your personal growth?

When I look back, I realize how much my monkey mind dictated my life. Overthinking, for example, killed many of the opportunities I could have had - like personal relationships.

However, through the yoga practice, I managed to shut down the monkey mind and to step outside, observe and take decisions accordingly. In today's post we are going to walk through 5 steps you can follow to get you started in your self-awareness journey.

Self-awareness is the ability to objectively observe your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Through self-awareness we understand how these three elements affect our lives and the lives of those around us. It is a key component of personal growth and development. And it is not easy, it is a process - but a beautiful process that will allow you to learn more about yourself, who you are, how you react to events, to people... and to life overall.

From my own personal experience but also as a yoga teacher and mindfulness advocate, I have discovered that the following 5 steps are relevant to cultivate self-awareness. They are easy to follow, as long as you also learn not to put pressure on yourself. We need to be patient and accept that many things, specially changes, take time in life.