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Ready to take your fitness and flexibility to the next level? Zohar.Yoga.Flex is your go-to platform for fun, mindful and challenging flexibility workouts to help you gain flexibility, mobility and stay fit. Join us and level up your flexibility and fitness game today!

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Q: Is it possible for an adult to become more flexible?
A: Absolutely! Becoming more flexible as an adult is not impossible. I and my students are proof of that. With regular practice, you too can experience the benefits of improved flexibility.

Q: What type of classes do you offer?
A: I offer a variety of online classes, including yoga, stretching, conditioning and flexibility training. All classes are tailored to the individual, so you can be sure to experience the best results for your body. 

Q: What are the benefits of practicing with Zohar.Yoga.Flex?
A: Working with me, you can expect to gain increased flexibility, improved posture, better balance, and enhanced overall wellbeing. Plus, you will be part of a supportive and encouraging community of yogis and flexi lovers!

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5/5 - Learn what others say about Zohar.Yoga.Flex

"Till meeting Zohar I hated stretching. Now, I am finding peace when I stretch. I started with private classes and this is where Zohar taught me technique and corrected my mistakes. Now I am doing her regular classes twice a week and I feel the development I am making. I highly recommend her as she is knowlegable and loves what she is doing. I love her classes and look forward to them!"


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    Let's improve together your back flexibility and spine mobility! Stay motivated in your practice and get results by joining Zohar for a FREE a 30-Day Backbend Challenge. It will transform your flexibility training and boost your self confidence, promised!

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Yoga, Flexibility, Mobility, Strength and more! New classes on a weekly base. Rent a class or get free access with the different Monthly Membership plans.
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