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About Zohar.Yoga.Flex

Zohar.Yoga.Flex was created by Zohar, a yoga teacher and flexibility coach for adults with a decade of experience. She lives between Switzerland and Spain, where she organises group classes, workshops and gives private coaching. Based on her vast experience in event management in the corporate world, she also organises workshops and retreats lead by her, or for other coaches.
ZYF is an excellent source to complement your fitness journey. Zohar provides a wide range of online and on demand classes for adults of all ages, who would like to increase their flexibility and mobility, but they do not know how to start and have difficulties to stay consistent. At the same time, athletes and dancers can benefit from more advance routines or explore the art of Contortion.
Zohar's aim through ZYF is to empower people through movement, helping them to gain self-confidence and realise about their full potential. Nothing is impossible with dedication, consistency and someone guiding you in your flexibility and fitness journey!
Zohar started practicing Pranayama and Hatha Yoga at a young age, back in 2009, while she was studying technical product design in Mondragon University. In 2011, during her exchange semester in Poland, she explored the Iyengar methodology. Through the Iyengar Yoga, she learnt the correct alignment of the asanas and how to use props during the yoga practice. 

Once in Switzerland, she focused on practicing Ashtanga based Power Yoga. And here is where her curiosity towards flexibility started. Being since kid a very creative person, she started seeing art in flexible bodies - and this led her to start training on her flexibility and later on, in 2018, explore the art of Mongolian Contortion in the States. It is then when she started working with world-renown coaches like Serchmaa Byamba, Undarmaa Gold and Iona The Contortionist. 

It is amazing the vast possibilities of the human body, if we only connect breathing with the mind & body. And of course, if we use the right flexibility and mobility techniques for our bodies. Learn more about her philosophy and teaching approach here


February 2017 - Pole Stretch Instructor training by Loft1

July 2019 - Ashtanga Vinyasa 200hr YTT by All Yoga Training

September 2020 - Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health by University of Sydney

November 2020 - Advanced Stretching Technique Instructor training by Bendy Kate

November 2021 - 101 Handstands Program 30hr YTT by Seline Movement 

Becoming more flexible as an adult is not impossible, and our current skills are a proof of it! If we can do it, you can also get your flexibility goals!

"Till meeting Zohar I hated stretching. Now, I am finding peace when I stretch. I started with private classes and this is where Zohar taught me technique and corrected my mistakes. Now I am doing her regular classes twice a week and I feel the development I am making. I highly recommend her as she is knowlegable and loves what she is doing. I love her classes and look forward to them!"