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5/5 - Learn what others say about Zohar.Yoga.Flex
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Since end of 2019, I have had the pleasure to work with many people in person but also online. While I continue to train contortion myself and learn from the best coaches in the world, I teach weekly adults with different fitness backgrounds. Working with students that have different levels and ages have opened me up the possibility to adjust flexibility techniques to diverse body types. I have worked with students ranging from 10 years old to 65 years old; proving that there is no limit to improve your fitness and flexibility!
Scroll down to read the experience of others training with me.

“I practiced with Zohar at one of her retreats and learned so much with her! She has such deep knowledge of the body, and understands the mechanics needed to help you reach your flexibility/Asana goals. What I love most about her classes is her emphasis on safety, both physically and mentally. She knows how to create a encouraging environment so you can find your own personal edge in each pose, and she helps you understand your own body better to prevent injury.“

— Nicolette

Zohar is adapting the exercises to the learner's level, which is very appreciable both in the standard classes and the online group classes. She also takes time to give individual advices and correction tips to avoid any pain and help the progress. Recommended!

— Pauline

“Zohar is an absolutely fantastic person and flexibility coach. The private 1:1 stretching training is very helpful and motivational. Zohar is extremely knowledgeable and adapts the training to my needs. Thank you so much!“

— Dave

“Zohar is one of the best yoga & flexibility coaches that I have met. Her classes are very inclusive and offer different variations of exercises to make sure it fits to your level. It is a perfect mix of challenging and relaxing practice and so you feel the benefits of it very quickly. Whether it is an online or in-person class, Zohar pays personal attention to each of the participants and offer very useful corrections throughout the session. On top of that, she is an incredible kind, patient and supportive teacher. Highly recommended! :)

— Dorota

“Zohar is honestly the best yoga teacher I know. She is so dynamic and fun but yet patient and gives you time to get your own pace :)

She encouraged me to be confident and follow my own rhythm, but she was also able to take me out of my comfort zone in the kindest and softest possible way! I will take every chance I can get to do yoga with her again!'

— Maria

“Zohar is a wonderful yoga instructor! I love how she selects a meditation or technique to focus on throughout the practice! I find her classes well balanced with just the right amount of challenging postures & relaxation. I always feel great after taking her class!

— Garazi

“I take Zohar's private classes since 2019 and I am very happy to be one of ther students. She understands to adapt the exercises to each one's difficulty and intensity level to reach one's flexibility goal. I observed already progress in my next training after a private class.

Zohar combines stability, flexibility and mobility exercises from her experience in Contortion, Pole dance and Pilates. She always considers the individual anatomy of her students to give precise instructions for a healthy development in the class itself and for your own workout, so that you are able to train for yourself in a secure way.

If it helps you, she also records exercises with instructions for you so you can look it up at a later time. I also do appreciate Zohar's feedback whenever I have a question regarding flexibility.“

— Saskia

“A friend told me to join her at one of Zohar classes and since then I couldn’t stop going! Really impressed of how fast I got to improve my flexibility with her exercises!! Totally recommend her!!!“

— Fanny

“Zohar es una maravilla de persona y gran profesora de flexibilidad. En sus clases te ayuda y da tips para que puedas mejorar en casa por tu cuenta. Las clases son variadas, entretenidas y técnicas. Totalmente recomendable.“

— Ainhoa

"The contortion training with Zohar was very intensive and good. The exercises were appropriately chosen and helped me to get deeper into the positions. I now know exactly how to train to become more flexible. 
I would absolutely recommend her training."

— Jessica

"She is one of a kind! She will assist u in stretching every single part of your body, including those muscles and joints that u haven’t moved in years. She is able to read how your body and mind are at every moment and will adapt the class to your current state. She is so talented! Her classes are unique, very different to what there is in the market. I love meeting her, her energy…she is so inspirational!"

— Sara

“Una profesora imprescindible en mi vida ahora mismo, empece con clases presenciales temporales cuando venia donde vivo, y ahora voy a las clases online semanales. Empece como complemento al pole dance por conseguir ser mas flexible, y descubri mi propio cuerpo y que debo hacer para cuidarlo y mantener una postura sana, quitar dolores (de espalda y lumbociatica, en mi caso), lo cual he conseguido o bien me recupero en modo express. Las clases se han convertido en un momento de desconexion del mundo y escuchar a mi cuerpo, sus limites y sus formas.

Trato personalizado100% recomendable.

Una maravillosa persona.“

— Ana

“I highly recommend Zohar as a flexibility coach. It is the first time I have private coaching to improve my flexibility and it has been the best decision ever!


I had already taken group classes but the teachers never really have the time to assess your level / needs.


Zohar has given me targetted exercises to achieve my goals (the splits in my case) and also assesed where I need to improve.
On top of that she is super friendly and has a wide experience in the field (just check out her instagram and you will see what I mean!).

— Clara

Zohar is a great teacher! She is able to create a very positive energy within a group, adapting to every level, making everyone feel at ease. She also encourages students to push their limits by overcoming fears. I remember she helped me to achieve my very first pike press to headstand. She gave me confidence and applauded my success. Zohar is also very kind and brings a big smile to the class :-)"

— Celia

Marlene, Sopela Retreat

September 2021


"I did the surf and yoga retreat near Bilbao. I spent an amazing time!! The yoga session were really nice and accessible to everybody. Zohar is adapting exercises according to your level.

It was well-organized and we had enough free time for ourselves to spend time with the other participants or if you want to spend time for yourself ! The surf sessions were super cool and the teacher was really funny and nice.  

Thank you again for this nice retreat Zohar, looking forward to go to another lovely retreat ! "


Nicky, Cyprus Retreat

March 2022


"Wanderlust Retreats are perfect for adventure-loving yogis look to connect with a likeminded community. I participated in the Mediterranean Yoga Retreat in Cyprus (March 2022) and I cherish every moment of our retreat experience. I showed up without knowing anyone in the group (we were 6), and left feeling like we had all been lifelong friends.

We practiced yoga together daily, went snorkeling, hiking, dancing, and explored Cyprus with open minds and hearts. An experience like this is only possible with a strong organizer at the helm, and Zohar is exactly that.

Zohar pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you feel at home at the same time. I am so grateful to her for bringing this unique group of people together around our shared love for yoga and adventure. 100% recommended!!!"

Bart, Sopela Retreat

September 2022


"We had the great pleasure of joining September 2022 retreat in Sopelana, Basque and loved it so much! everything was very well organized, the yoga lessons were great for beginners and advanced aswell for the surfing, Zohar made sure everyone was comfortable and any extra wishes were no problem, had a very nice group and it was a very relaxing experience, very recommended! thank you Zohar!"

Maria, Sopela Retreat

September 2021


"I did a yoga and surf  retreat with Zohar in Sopela this summer and I'm honestly not over it yet!  It was so beautifully organised; she managed to fill up the week with so many fun activities but yet everything felt so smooth and chilled! We did lots of yoga of course, different types of classes and also some flexibility ones. 

She was always checking on us and how we felt on the day in order to make the class more or less powerful. I really appreciated her ability to adapt to our mood and capabilities in the moment while sticking to the plan.

We also did surfing classes which were soooo much fun and we learnt so much! And we also had time for hiking, sightseeing and celebrations  or eating out! 

It was honestly a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to do more retreats with her. I love the way she was able to bring so many different people together and make us feel like a big family sharing great energy :) Thank you Zohar!


Jessica, Cyprus Retreat

March 2022


"There aren’t enough words in all the languages of the world to describe the experience I had with Wanderlust Retreats. If you were waiting for a sign, I’m telling you THIS IS IT.

From beginning to end, the memories I made with so many like-minded and kind-hearted souls from all over continue to enlighten me in my days wherever I am and whatever I’m up to next. Zohar did an amazing job coordinating the venue, leading the yoga classes, and offering exploration and adventure in every day of the retreat. The support from her and everyone in the group was constantly inspiring and comforting, leaving me speechless and extremely saddened when it came to an end.

If I could I would attend every single retreat she puts together because it is truly that remarkable. Don’t sit on this one! :)"

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