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Why should you consider as a woman to freeze your eggs?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Not like media is trying to sell it to the world, eggs freezing is not a career woman's thing. There is no a fixed profile of women, who decide to freeze their eggs. Some do it to secure having kids with a partner, with whom they are truly happy. Others to postpone maternity. And others for health reasons. Eventually, it all reduces to your needs and wishes in this moment of life!

Throughout my twenties, I was always looking forward to become 30. I thought it was a great milestone in life: you have a job, you have money, you become independent from your parents and you can build your own future.

When I turned 30, I celebrate it for a week! in Zürich, in Spain, travelling... 7 days of celebration welcoming a new decade to my life :)

However, not even 6 months later, I started already feeling the consequences of being a woman and being 30. Questions or comments like, "When will you start having kids?", or "You shouldn't wait too long to start having kids" started appearing in my life.

I also started to meet other women, who were closer to the 40s and single. In some cases, I could feel the burden that society and nature puts on us. Us women, we have an expiring date to be able to have our own kids and build a family. Men do not. A man on his 50s can still have a family. A woman on her 50s can't, not unless she adopts a kid. But she won't be able to get pregnant and carry a risk free pregnancy. This is a fact, and it is nature. However, does this mean, women can't be free from nature's and society's constrains?

When I heard the first friend talking about freezing her eggs, I was surprised. I never heard about it before - and I was almost 31 at that time. Why is it we do not hear about this at a younger age? We do hear about marriage and having families, but we do not hear about all the lifestyle choices that nowadays technology can offer us.

I then took a step back and looked at my life, from an outsider perspective. I was 31, with a partner, lived in different countries, I had my carrier and my investments.. also, personally I do not want to live a life full of regrets or decisions that compromise my true happiness.

I did not want to stress about kids. I did not want neither to find myself on my mid thirties or closer to 40, being in an unhappy relationship but feeling stuck because "clock is ticking". Or being single at that age, and getting obsessed with finding a man to have kids with...

Then I realised that freezing my eggs, as a woman, it buys me freedom and peace in mind. And a chance to find someone, with whom the relationship works and you are in love with. Now, you may think "that is bullshit, I don't want kids anyways" or "if I want kids I will adopt" - then good, you can stop reading this post.

But, if you are unsure if you want a family with kids of your own blood; or, if you know you do want to have kids but it is too early for this, or you haven't found the partner for it... I would encourage you to keep reading this blog post :)