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Banana Chocolate Squares

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Are you a banana and chocolate lover? and do you also have a sweet tooth? well, then the universe has brought you to the right page! :) I promise you will enjoy every bite of this recipe, specially as an afternoon snack.

Does it happen to you too that, as the days goes on, you start feeling drained and with zero energies by the time you close your laptop or the evening arrives? At least to me it happens. Day jobs can be energising but also draining. And maybe it is not the job itself, but the people you need to interact with in order to accomplish your tasks. Either ways, when we are having this low battery level, our body starts craving for sugar - leading us to make unhealthy choices!

I mentioned in the previous blog posts, and I will do it in this one was well: if we want to make healthy choices, we need to enable our environment to allow us to do so. We need to plan meals and snacks ahead. And how we do it? Blocking at least one afternoon, better at the end of the week (e.g. Sunday), to create a meal plan and a shopping list of wholesome food. Additionally, we will also need Tupperwares to have the meals and snacks stored for the busy week. If you work in an office, having a bag to carry your meals is also very useful.

Bananas and Dark Chocolate are wholesome options to give us that energy kick that we need, when we fail drained. They are rich in fiber and magnesium, nutrients we need also for the optimal functioning of our muscles. They are also full in antioxidants and may also aid to weight loss. The content of the rest of the square is also very rich in fibers: oats, almonds, flax seeds. The extra virgin coconut oil is bringing us an additional benefit, by increasing the good cholesterol levels. Studies have also proven that the coconut oil has antioxidants properties and can help improving digestion.

Date syrup, on the other hand, is maybe the less "healthy" ingredients over here. Although, taking it in a moderate manner, I would still consider it as healthy! it is packed with fiber and natural sugars, ideal to give us also an energy kick when we feel completely exhausted!

Overall, together with the