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4 Ingredients Nourishing Lunch Ideas

When I started my Instagram account, I used to mostly share food. I love eating and, luckily, I grew in a family, where we constantly ate healthy. Well, maybe it was a bit fish and meat heavy.. but still, our meals were packed with grains and mum always made us eat fruits for breakfast or in between meals :)

As my account evolved, I stopped sharing nutrition related content on my IG feed. However, I am still sharing it through my IG stories and inspiring others to have a balanced diet and eat nourishing food as well.

In this post I am gathering the latest nourishing lunches I have shared on my IG stories, plant-based and vegetarian. And you know what I realized about? they all have a combination of 4 main ingredients: Kale, Lentils, Edamame Noodles & Chickpeas.

I swear I didn't plan it in advance :-D but I guess, these are my favorite ingredients to create nutritious lunch meals.

Ready to nourish yourself?


Packed with nutrients, kale fits nicely alone as chips, but also mixed with other grains, tofu and chicken. According to research, Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods - meaning that in little calories, you are adding a lot of nutrients to your food.

Kale is known for being a powerful antioxidant, and high in vitamin C and K. These nutrients will not only help in our overall physical wellbeing, but also they help to avoid heart diseases and controlling cholesterol (go to Resources to learn more)

Menu 1: Lentils & red quinoa with kale cooked in the saucepan with onions and vegan chicken. Add extra virgin olive oil, himalayan salt and chili to taste. (Cooking time 25min, unless your lentils are already cooked!)

Menu 2: Lentils with kale cooked in the saucepan with onions. Add to the kale the cherry tomatoes cut in half and the feta cheese cubes at the very end, so they mix well with the leafy green and get warm. Add extra virgin olive oil and himalayan salt to taste. (Cooking time 30min, unless your lentils are already cooked!)