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Yoga & Flexibility Technique Private Coaching 1-1

Get your Targeted Flexibility Plan

Private Coaching is highly recommendable if you want to have a targeted plan based on your anatomy and if you want to also learn how to stretch correctly, so you feel more confident of not getting injury when stretching in your own. If you feel like you need Zohar's full attention and work with her hand by hand to learn, improve and breath; then you should have 1-1 sessions. 

Additionally, private coaching is a great choice to work on flexibility technique and contortion skills. Zohar has been training with individuals with higher flexibility and contortion skills than her, learning therefore also advance technique, drills and exercises that can be taught to students visiting her with a high degree of flexibility and body control. At the same time, she has also worked with adults starting with the flexibility from scratch, with no previous sport experience. Therefore, Zohar is well equipped to guide you through this beautiful journey! Improving your range of motion will also improve your life's quality, intimate life and feel younger!

Zohar speaks fluently Basque, Spanish, English and German - You can always approach her if you feel more comfortable receiving the class in one of these languages.

NOTE: Zohar does not teach Nude Yoga neither privates to people with a chronic physical condition without the approval of an accredited physical therapist. 


Once you book it, Zohar will receive a notification and she will contact you directly.

PRICES: You can reach out first to Zohar through email or instagram private message to query about the prices and packages. There is option for a single session or
 for a x5 privates package (6 months validity).

* Privates are included in the Flexi Friends Program: for every 10 sessions, you get one extra private coaching for free!

** Join the referral program: save money, keep working in your flexibility and motivate your friends to also stretch and boost their wellbeing!

“I take Zohar's private classes since 2019 and I am very happy to be one of ther students. She understands to adapt the exercises to each one's difficulty and intensity level to reach one's flexibility goal. I observed already progress in my next training after a private class.

Zohar combines stability, flexibility and mobility exercises from her experience in Contortion, Pole dance and Pilates. She always considers the individual anatomy of her students to give precise instructions for a healthy development in the class itself and for your own workout, so that you are able to train for yourself in a secure way.

If it helps you, she also records exercises with instructions for you so you can look it up at a later time. I also do appreciate Zohar's feedback whenever I have a question regarding flexibility.“

— Saskia

“A friend told me to join her at one of Zohar classes and since then I couldn’t stop going! Really impressed of how fast I got to improve my flexibility with her exercises!! Totally recommend her!!!“

— Fanny

“Zohar es una maravilla de persona y gran profesora de flexibilidad. En sus clases te ayuda y da tips para que puedas mejorar en casa por tu cuenta. Las clases son variadas, entretenidas y técnicas. Totalmente recomendable.“

— Ainhoa

“Zohar is an absolutely fantastic person and flexibility coach. The private 1:1 stretching training is very helpful and motivational. Zohar is extremely knowledgeable and adapts the training to my needs. Thank you so much!“

— Dave

"The contortion training with Zohar was very intensive and good. The exercises were appropriately chosen and helped me to get deeper into the positions. I now know exactly how to train to become more flexible. 
I would absolutely recommend her training."

— Jessica

"She is one of a kind! She will assist u in stretching every single part of your body, including those muscles and joints that u haven’t moved in years. She is able to read how your body and mind are at every moment and will adapt the class to your current state. She is so talented! Her classes are unique, very different to what there is in the market. I love meeting her, her energy…she is so inspirational!"

— Sara