"Zohar is adapting the exercises to the learner's level, which is very appreciable both in the standard classes and the online group classes. She also takes time to give individual advices and correction tips to avoid any pain and help the progress. Recommended!


"Zohar is a wonderful yoga instructor! I love how she selects a meditation or technique to focus on throughout the practice! I find her classes well balanced with just the right amount of challenging postures & relaxation. I always feel great after taking her class! :)


"Zohar is one of the best yoga & flexibility coaches that I have met. Her classes are very inclusive and offer different variations of exercises to make sure it fits to your level. It is a perfect mix of challenging and relaxing practice and so you feel the benefits of it very quickly. Whether it is an online or in-person class, Zohar pays personal attention to each of the participants and offer very useful corrections throughout the session. On top of that, she is an incredible kind, patient and supportive teacher. Highly recommended! :)


"Zohar is honestly the best yoga teacher I know. She is so dynamic and fun but yet patient and gives you time to get your own pace :)

She encouraged me to be confident and follow my own rhythm, but she was also able to take me out of my comfort zone in the kindest and softest possible way! I will take every chance I can get to do yoga with her again!


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by Zohar.Yoga.Flex

Do you feel like you need a BREAK from the daily routine? Do you want to have ACTIVE holidays and MEET new people somewhere in the world? Do you want live 5 days of UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES? Then these retreats are for YOU! :)

You don't have to be a yoga guru, pro surfer o any advanced level to join the retreats. We do combine yoga and flexibility practice with other sports and active escapes. At the same time, we try to experience the country to the most: sightsee, gastronomy... Either you can join us for a break or you can combine your holidays together with the retreat! CHECK below current DESTINATIONS and dates.

Follow us on FacebookInstagram to learn more about Wanderlust Retreats by Zohar.Yoga.Flex!


Located in the coast of the Basque Country, Sopela is a stunning coastal village with easy access to wild beaches and cliffs. Reachable through the airport of Bilbao, get ready to spend quality time doing yoga, surfings and sightseeing.

Baja California Sur

CANCELLED Baja California Sur is a hidden gem in Mexico. Near California, this region is known for virgin beaches, wildlife and diving. As well as kite surfing! We will stay in La Ventana and spend our days next to the beach practicing yoga, diving and more!


Cyprus is a stunning island that offers all what you need to escape from life! We will discover the southern coast of this country and enjoy active days under the sun.

Let's get together immersed in the mediterranean island lifestyle!

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Testimonials #WanderlustRetreatsFriends

Marlene, Sopela Retreat September 2021

"I did the surf and yoga retreat near Bilbao. I spent an amazing time!! The yoga session were really nice and accessible to everybody. Zohar is adapting exercises according to your level.


It was well-organized and we had enough free time for ourselves to spend time with the other participants or if you want to spend time for yourself ! The surf sessions were super cool and the teacher was really funny and nice.  


Thank you again for this nice retreat Zohar, looking forward to go to another lovely retreat ! "

Maria, Sopela Retreat September 2021

"I did a yoga and surf  retreat with Zohar in Sopela this summer and I'm honestly not over it yet!  It was so beautifully organised; she managed to fill up the week with so many fun activities but yet everything felt so smooth and chilled! We did lots of yoga of course, different types of classes and also some flexibility ones. 

She was always checking on us and how we felt on the day in order to make the class more or less powerful. I really appreciated her ability to adapt to our mood and capabilities in the moment while sticking to the plan.

We also did surfing classes which were soooo much fun and we learnt so much! And we also had time for hiking, sightseeing and celebrations  or eating out! 

It was honestly a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to do more retreats with her. I love the way she was able to bring so many different people together and make us feel like a big family sharing great energy :) Thank you Zohar!

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Tanzania together with

2 - 9 August 2022

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