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Bye 2020, welcome 2021!

Starting a new year is always a great opportunity to rethink on the past, the present and the future. An opportunity to look inwards.

2020 has been an unexpected year. It has changed the way we used to live, the way we used to interact with others and the way we used to perceive the world. We became apart in some instances. In other moments we became closer.

Yet, 2020 showed the world our ability to adapt faster than what we think to change and uncertainty. Not without a price though. The mental stress and struggles that the global pandemic brought within were (and are) big.

I see it as a challenging year that left opened questions.. questions that will be answered throughout the 2021. 2020 helped to bring me closer to my beloved ones, and distancing myself from acquaintances. It brought more creativity and helped me connecting to my entrepreneur side. I created my website, own graphics and videos. I enrolled in various courses to deepen my stretching instructor knowledge and learn more about positive psychology.

We all went online, for the best and the worst. Teaching hasn't always been easy, but I am grateful to have worked throughout this year with beautiful and motivated souls. Very happy as well to have managed to keep the community alive, despite lockdown challenges.

Training wise, I missed being in London and San Francisco in person. I could train with Serchmaa online, which it was amazing! And I loved closing the year participating in the Holiday Fantasy show organized by her and the Circus Center.

However, when work and training (everything) is online, it does get mentally challenging. Home becomes suddenly the office and the training space. Where is then our sanctuary - the space to disconnect and focus on our private lives?

For my mental health, I learnt to create spaces within the house to dissociate feelings related to anything that could cause me stress. And I got a bike to move around the city and work from the office, or in a cafeteria if possible.

In 2020 there have been sleepless nights, but not less than the previous years. The feeling of not disconnecting has been the biggest struggle. Despite meditation and pranayama practice, there were again moments that the brain was winning. Once more, a reminder of the importance of creating space in the mind!

Looking into 2021, I don't have more wishes than keep being healthy and alive. I will try to:

  • Keep a positive attitude and spread this energy to others.

  • Look inwards and change what doesn't make me happy. Escaping isn't a solution - it is simply postponing the problem. Changing is the solution.

  • Do a list: what made me happy in 2020. what made me unhappy in 2020. Do more of the happy list :-)

  • Dance, dance and dance. I am starting to find my own groove and I definitely want to explore it more.

  • Think with the head, but also with the heart. The last years I have been taking more decisions with the head than with the heart. It may be the time to start changing this...

Life is changing, it moves onwards.. it is always up to us to make a difference. And when unexpected events happen, it is also up to us to take a positive attitude and try to make the best out of it. If you need help, ask for it. If you need to get away from toxic relationships, do it. Express yourself and do not let negative feelings and tension overload you. We got only one life!

Last but not least, whatever the year brings in, remember: attitude is everything!

Happy 2021 to everyone!! and happy #flexi2021 !



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