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Spinal Flexibility Routine to Relief Back Pain

The spine is one of the most complex parts in our body, and one of the most important. The spinal column is responsible to hold our own body structure, and support the nervous system. Therefore, if we want to live a pain free life, we need to keep our spine and back muscles healthy and happy! In today's post, we will briefly look into the anatomy of the spine, and check the flexibility and mobility exercises from the latest YouTube class, 15min of Spinal Flexibility Routine.

The spine itself is divided into 5 sections and composed with 31 pairs of spinal nerves and roots. At the same time, the spine also relies on discs, facet joints, ligaments and muscles to enable movement and stabilize our bodies. Keeping your spine flexible, well hydrated and rested is key for its health. Unfortunately, the current society's sedentary behaviours does not help our spine and back, and often it is the cause to suffer back pain.

More about Spinal Anatomy and Care: Spinal Anatomy Center

There are many measures we can take to improve the health of our spine. Getting an ergonomic chair, limiting the total sitting time and wearing shoes that support our spine are some of the most popular ways to keep our spine and back healthy and happy.

Movement is also an area that can help us improve our spine's wellbeing. Ma