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Front Splits training and progress - Injury free approach

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Front splits training is probably one of my favorite within Flexibility and Contortion Training. I have been training front splits for 6 years already, experiencing its transformation in many ways. As my Range of Motion (RoM) developed, so did my training approach and exercises. In today's blog post, I will share with you the safest approach, injury free, to make progress in your front splits. Are you ready to take your splits game to the next level? :)

Front splits progress: First splits VS my last practice's splits up to date.

In today's fast paced society, we are getting the bad habit of having everything in a snap. If you want food, you have it in your door within minutes. If you want to shop clothes, you can have them delivered to your door also within days. If you want a date, you can have it for next day. If you want sex, you can also have it quickly. So what happens? we want everything quick. And the same happens when we train, no matter what is our discipline. We became less patient, and we want progress within days.

While getting progress within days feels empowering, it doesn't mean it will be long lasting. What do you prefer, a practice that will last a certain time of period? or a lifestyle change with a long lasting practice? I opted always, for the second point. I want to be 80 and still do front splits. Yes, I want to and I will be that kind of cool grandma with a body of a young woman ;) isn't it a beautiful goal?

I am not coming from a dancing or gymnastics background. I used to play tennis and then I fully focused on swimming. After swimming, I did a couple of years of contemporary dancing and afterwards, I did spinning and half marathon running. At age 19 I started practicing yoga. However, not all yoga styles are focused on stretching. My practice was based on Hatha Yoga and we focused mostly on Pranayama. It was not until age 27 that I tried my first front splits in a Power Yoga class. And there it started my curiosity towards flexibility training!