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Do I need to be Hypermobile to do extreme Flexibility poses?

I recently got a comment in one of my IG posts stating that I should mention that I am hypermobile and common people will never achieve that degree of flexibility that I was demonstrating. And my posts could even injury them. And this motivated me to create the first VBLOG on Zohar.Yoga.Flex YouTube Channel.

When I read the comment from above.... first thought was:

"I always state on my posts that you should do the exercise I demonstrate under professional guidance. Most of my audience are adults and already grown up to decide if they want to try it by themselves or not.."

Second thought was:

"She is stating that I am hypermobile. Specially, that my back is hypermobile - OK so she saw this post of me doing an advance flexibility tutorial, my back looking super flexible, and she probably thought that "only hypermobile people can do this".

Third thought was:

"This is so sad. She hasn't even stopped checking my feed, my profile or biography. This is another case of ignorance towards the hard work that some of us have put on building our flexibility throughout the years!"

Bridge pose progress

On the left is me, in December 2016. At first, it looks like I am super bendy on my back right? However, if you have look closer, you can clearly see that my spine was as straight as a stick! But, how do I get the effect that my back is bended? My hypermobile shoulders!! Yes, some parts of my bo