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30-Day Flexibility: Join Our FREE Split Challenge!

Updated: Jan 30

Are you looking for a motivation to be consistent and get results in your split training? Then look no further! Join Zohar for a FREE a 30-Day Split challenge, that will transform your flexibility training and boost your self confidence!

In this blog post, we will walk you through Zohar's approach towards training adults to get their splits. In addition, we will also provide tips & hints that will help you stay committed to the challenge.

Zohar herself, started as an adult to train her splits. Her split practice started when she joined Power Yoga classes in Zürich, Switzerland. She then fell in love with the splits and flexibility training overall, and she started learning more about adult's body mechanics and flexibility techniques. And why is her approach so unique comparing to other flexibility coaches out there? Firstly, she started almost on her 30s to train flexibility, without having any artistic sport background. Secondly, all the exercises she teaches, she has first tried them on herself. Lastly, she has explored different techniques and approaches, and worked with many body types. This has helped her to create flexibility training routines that adjust to all type of bodies for adults. You can learn more about what her students say here.

Below you can see Zohar's progress with the front splits. In the split on the left, the hip is opened and the back leg is twisted (the foot goes inwards and the knee is bend). The split is compensated by the hamstring. On the right, hips are more even, and both hip flexor and hamstring are supporting the oversplit. If you want to learn more about Front Splits, don't miss the blog post Front Split Training and Progress - Injury free approach.

30 Day Split Challenge

How should I train my splits as an adult?

Flexibility is an essential aspect of anyone's overall health, and it is not only, for example, for yoga practitioners or dancers. Gaining flexibility will help you enhance your agility, reduce pain by alleviating muscle tension, and contribute to an overall better posture. It also helps reducing the risk of injury and gaining life quality, like we explained in our previous post Breaking the Myth: No Age Limit to Stretch.

However, training overall flexibility is easier than training for a certain posture like a split. How should you train a split, with limited knowledge or experience with stretching?

  1. Get a coach: The most important point, and often ignored. Many people do not want to invest in taking stretching classes from professionals. Instead, they jump into stretching routines in YouTube, where the instructors they barely explain the technique behind the stretches. Or the instructor is a former dancer, or naturally flexible. Since Zohar started training her flexibility at a late age, without stretching background, in her classes she tries to guide other adults in the best and most efficient way to reach their full splits. Learn more about what her students say here.

  2. Prioritize Consistency Over Intensity: Consistency is key when it comes to flexibility training. If your time is limited, rather you aim for short, regular sessions rather than spontaneous, intense classes. Once you are consistent with your practice, you can gradually increase the duration and intensity of your stretching routines as your splits improve.

  3. Listen to Your Body: It is essential you pay attention to how your body and mind respond to the exercises. Discomfort is normal when we try to gain flexibility, but sharp pain is not. Always try to breath deeply and never force a stretch.

Splits are a complex posture. We need different muscle groups and joints to support a front split and a middle split. You will naturally find easier to practice one of them. This is normal.

In the 30-Day Flexibility challenge focused on the Splits, we will learn how to train each of them.

The 30-Day Split Challenge Plan - How can I make the most out of it?

In the following lines we share tips & hints to help you making the most out of the 30-Day Split Challenge. The challenge officially starts the 15.01.2024. If you are reading this post before then, or a week afterwards, you will be able to sign and join other flexi lovers LIVE in the challenge - sign up here. Take your agenda, and start creating space in your calendar for the challenge!

  1. Check the Details: Look into the details and schedule of the challenge. Get your agenda and create blockers to practice the daily workout. Inform your family and friends about your intention to participate in the challenge and ask them to help you creating the space and time for it.

  2. Follow the Structured Plan: Even if the classes will be available in the YouTube channel, there will be a structured plan with daily routines to help you gently improve your splits. Sticking to the plan is essential if you want to see the best results.

  3. Follow the Class: The classes are designed to allow the student to safely get into the splits. Do not skip the warm up, since this helps prevent injuries and prepares your muscles for deeper stretches.

  4. Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to how your body responds to the challenge. Experiencing discomfort is normal when we try to open our body. However, discomfort is not pain. If you experience pain, it's important to contact Zohar and reevaluate.

  5. Document Your Progress: Taking pictures to track the progress throughout the challenge is key to boost your motivation. You can also share your progress to motivate and inspire others in your community.

  6. Celebrate Achievements: Recognising your progress keeps you motivated to continue with the challenge. So don't forget to celebrate small wins along the way.

Touching down the floor in your split is such a mood booster! ZYF students know it. However, they also know that it requires time and being realistic to reach the floor. When you start the challenge, it is critical that you assess your current flexibility. Based on this, we recommend you set realistic goals for the 30-day period.

30 day split challenge
Our student Eider is celebrating her first touchdown!

During the challenge, we also highly recommend not to push yourself too hard. If you're new to stretching or have any existing injuries (e.g. tore hamstring) this is paramount, not only for your health, but also for your progress.

At the end of the 30 days, celebrate your progress, whether you achieve a touchdown in your splits or make significant progress in your flexibility. Acknowledge the hard work, dedication and your consistency. A 30-Day Split Challenge is a fantastic way to kickstart your flexibility journey or regain consistency in your practice. By following our structured plan, staying consistent, and celebrating small victories, you'll be amazed at what your body can achieve in just one month.

Get ready to transform to a more flexible version of yourself!

Fancy a Front Split FREE practice? Check the class below that has helped many others reaching their full front split.

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