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Philosophy & Teaching Approach

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The mind, the breath and the body are all one, connected deeper than we think. Through yoga practice, we try to connect the three of them to release the tension accumulated in our bodies. Breathing soothes the mind, and the mind the muscles - hence allowing us also getting deeper in our flexibility. On the other hand, active flexibility and mobility exercises help our body stay strong in the full range of motion. For this reason, Zohar always combines different techniques to relax and engage the muscles, eventually helping us getting long term flexibility goals.

In addition, it is important to highlight that each person has a different anatomy, and therefore often the exercises are adjusted to the student. Thanks to all the years practicing yoga, flexibility, contortion and also teaching different type of adults, Zohar has developed an eye to recognise the weak points of the students and target the muscles groups the person needs to work on, to meet his / her flexibility goals.

Last but not least, during the classes students are required to empty their minds through breathing, specially when they start entering in positions that the mind thinks are "uncomfortable positions". They aren't uncomfortable - but it feels awkward because our bodies are closed and they are not used to stay "open". They haven't met yet openness and hence, we need to train the mind to stay relaxed.

Relax by breathing, letting it go any tension and avoiding negative self talk. 

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