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Sweet Potato Healthy Donuts

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Healthy and donut in one sentence... it is possible! Forget about processed donuts that lack nutrients. This recipe from Chef Bosquet nourish ourselves, while allowing us to enjoy donuts guilt free.

Plain, chocolate, orange... the varieties that we can bake are immense. You only need to follow the dough made out of sweet potato, oats & dates.

Ingredients (following Chef Bosquet's Donuts de Naranja y Chocolate recipe):

  • 150g raw sweet potato

  • 100g soaked dates (if you soak them for one hour, the easier will be to blend them and the result is more creamy)

  • 75gr blended gluten free oats / oat flour

  • One pack of baking powder

  • One orange zest

  • 70g soya or almond milk

  • 30gr melted coconut virgin oil

  • Salt to taste

  • Optional: chocolate nibs

Start by soaking the dates without their pit. Once dates are ready to blend, grease first the mould to avoid getting the donuts stuck. I use silicone moulds bought in Amazon and they have worked amazingly so far.. very easy to use and clean!

If you aren't using oat flour, next step is to blend the oats. I use gluten free bio oats from Migros. Once you have achieved the flour, set it aside and let's start the party! The first time I tried the recipe, I didn't blend enough the sweet potato plus it took me some work to blend everything.. why? basically, depending on your blender and type of container, the mix may get stuck in the cutter with the sweet potato and dates. For this reason, I am sharing with you the steps I took on the second round that helped me getting the dough consistent and the final result AMAZING :)

  1. Peel the sweet potato and blend it until reaching small pieces. The smaller, the better!

  2. Add the soya milk and the coconut virgin oil. Blend everything in medium speed.

  3. Add oat flour, baking powder, salt and orange zest. Blend everything in medium speed.

  4. Add dates. Blend in low speed until reaching a silky dough.

  5. If you want to have chocolate nibs inside the donut, add them and blend in low speed.

  6. Pour the dough into the donut mould

  7. Place the mould in the oven at 150 celsius degree, heat on the top & bottom, and no air. Leave them there for 12-15min.

  8. Set aside and let them cool down before you take each donut out of the mould.

Best storage is in the fridge. Once they are cooled, you can also do a chocolate coating to pour on top... or any type of coat you feel like having! :)

We love eating them as dessert or with coffee/tea. Let me know if you like them as well!



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