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Sweet Potato Healthy Donuts

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Healthy and donut in one sentence... it is possible! Forget about processed donuts that lack nutrients. This recipe from Chef Bosquet nourish ourselves, while allowing us to enjoy donuts guilt free.

Plain, chocolate, orange... the varieties that we can bake are immense. You only need to follow the dough made out of sweet potato, oats & dates.

Ingredients (following Chef Bosquet's Donuts de Naranja y Chocolate recipe):

  • 150g raw sweet potato

  • 100g soaked dates (if you soak them for one hour, the easier will be to blend them and the result is more creamy)

  • 75gr blended gluten free oats / oat flour

  • One pack of yeast

  • One orange zest

  • 70g soya or almond milk

  • 30gr melted coconut virgin oil

  • Salt to taste