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Raw Carrot Cake with Cashew Frosting

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Carrot cake has always been one of my weaknesses. Firstly, they usually look super pretty and delicious, that you can't avoid buying a piece.

Secondly, they do taste like heaven.

However, they are usually quite heavy to digest, lacking nutrients and they can even create a bit of guilt feeling... boosting negative emotions towards yourself.

For this reason, I have been experimenting with different recipes I have found online, and trying to make them gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free (if possible).

I started once by trying a baking version, but it was rather unsuccessful :-D I honestly think I am just good at raw cakes and I shouldn't even try baking. So I decided to try creating a raw version. The raw cheesecake filling wouldn't work since we still want that cake consistency with a carrot cake, right?

I tried out different variations inspired by some of my favorite dessert pages like Unconventional Baker and Minimalist Baker. I ended up doing a mix of ingredients I found around their recipes and recreating today's carrot raw cake.

Perfect to have it for breakfast or as dessert together with a warm cup of tea or coffee! I am not going to lie, I love desserts. And I also love eating healthy and nutritious, fueling myself with food that will help me performing every day and boosting my mood. Hence, this kind of raw cake are the perfect choice to find a balanced lifestyle. Thanks to the ingredients, the cake is high in fiber, unsaturated fats and anti-inflammatory. It does contain fructose (sugar) from the dates and raisins though, but in small quantity.

And almost everyone loves them! Making them a great choice for dinners with friends and family gatherings.