"Zohar is adapting the exercises to the learner's level, which is very appreciable both in the standard classes and the online group classes. She also takes time to give individual advices and correction tips to avoid any pain and help the progress. Recommended!


"Zohar is a wonderful yoga instructor! I love how she selects a meditation or technique to focus on throughout the practice! I find her classes well balanced with just the right amount of challenging postures & relaxation. I always feel great after taking her class! :)


"Zohar is one of the best yoga & flexibility coaches that I have met. Her classes are very inclusive and offer different variations of exercises to make sure it fits to your level. It is a perfect mix of challenging and relaxing practice and so you feel the benefits of it very quickly. Whether it is an online or in-person class, Zohar pays personal attention to each of the participants and offer very useful corrections throughout the session. On top of that, she is an incredible kind, patient and supportive teacher. Highly recommended! :)


"Zohar is honestly the best yoga teacher I know. She is so dynamic and fun but yet patient and gives you time to get your own pace :)

She encouraged me to be confident and follow my own rhythm, but she was also able to take me out of my comfort zone in the kindest and softest possible way! I will take every chance I can get to do yoga with her again!



working together with Zohar.Yoga.Flex

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Gecko Yoga Mats will accompany us in all our adventures and practices!


Mats are made out of cork and in Portuguese production houses, only a short distance from the farms. Local production allows Gecko Yoga to offset the environmental burden of manufacturing and shipping. Learn more about their mission and conscious supply chain.

You can purchase their mats through Zohar as well! if interested, contact zoharpalacio@zoharyogaflex.com ONE MAT LEFT IN STOCK

Feeling empowered in our physical practice is vital! but also feeling aligned with the clothing and tools we use. Happy to offer these discount codes to my community and therefore support:

1. Sustainable and fair activewear industries. Reducing the environmental impact to zero as much as possible.

2. Brands helping us training in the safest way.

3. Brands supporting a positive body talk. Love yourself including your curves or skin!

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Fair, Sustainable and Social Clothing

Read more how they are making a social impact here

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Jelliebend loves having your back! Get a back warmer to protect your low back muscles during the practice